Privacy Policy

Your PRIVACY is our utmost concern. Be it known now unless mandated by law that you will be assured by this business of not disclosing your personal and account information to a third party.

This website collects identifying information of the type will keep your log in user and IP addresses.

Individuals who engage in transactions with this site are asked to supply additional information, including as needed the financial and personal information required to process those transactions. These are simply done with your permission.

Private information could be known to us but will never be utilized for almost any malicious intents of in any ways which will damage your privacy.

All of the data like name, gender, email, age, employment, income among others will undoubtedly be firmly held private and those tips can not be used by any third party.

The website operates worldwide and your data will be processed in our office; but your information won’t ever be revealed when the Terms of Use must be enforced and ordered by law and unless authorized.

In case of insolvency, the acquirer of the business will also get your account information but these are subject to these Seclusion Conditions.